Sitemap, EuroFashionBijoux

EuroFashion Bijoux, The Distinctive Quality Brand for European Fashion Jewellery
The Eurofashion Bijoux (EFB) brand was born as a result of a tight collaboration between the two main associations of fashion jewellery and accessories manufacturers. Sebime(Spain), and Club Bi(Italy)
EuroFashion Bijoux, the origin of the distinctive quality brand for European Fashion Jewellery
Quality, the EuroFashion Bijoux's quintessence. EuroFashion Bijoux is the new brand created to help buyers to recognize the special quality and values of European fashion jewellery and accessories.
Fashion and design start here, the European Fashion jewellery and accessories industry is characterised for having internalized values that have granted its prestige and worldwide scope
EuroFashion Bijoux, naturally. Environamental preservation, as well as a strict selection on raw materials to protect the customer's health.
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