Made in Europe

EuroFashion Bijoux, the Distinctive Quality Brand for European Fashion Jewellery

In 2007 the first great European fashion jewellery brand was born. Quality and design are its main features.

The Eurofashion Bijoux (EFB) brand was born as a result of a tight collaboration between the two main associations of fashion jewellery and accessories manufacturers: Sebime, in Spain, and Mibi Fabbriche Italiane in Italy, who decided to associate under the same label to face the new challenges of the industry. EFB intends to be the real equivalent of European products quality, mainly as for finishes, original design and services rendered by the European companies to their customers.

The EFB brand must be understood as the major representative of the special quality of European fashion jewellery (raw materials, production system, components).

EuroFashion BIjoux ...

  • Distinguishes the origin of the European high quality products by differentiating them from imitations and copies made outside  Europe (with no guaranties for the customer)
  • Promotes and recognizes the European creative effort regarding design and fashion, which generates high artistic quality and innovative products setting the trend all over the world
  • Recognizes the effort in protecting nature and consumer’s health carried out by European manufacturers, a sector which brings more than 20.000 artisans together, all proud of each and every piece of fashion jewellery they create.

EuroFashion Bijoux is the stepping-stone to a new era (for the first time European countries join their efforts in a common project in the fashion jewellery and accessories industry), but it is also the result of a long difficult journey, many years have passed since the dream of a European association of fashion jewellery and accessories started. The idea was that the Spanish and Italy associations (SEBIME and MIBI FABBRICHE ITALIANE) joined to promote a project on their own. Finally, the dream came true in 2007.

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