The Origin of a Brand, the brand of the origin

EuroFashion Bijoux, the Distinctive Quality Brand for European Fashion Jewellery

The EuroFashion Bijoux brand sprang from the need (of both manufacturers and buyers within the wide fashion jewellery market) to distinguish between the high quality products created by European manufacturers and the imitations with massive copies made with the lowest quality in other countries which are done without following any regulations or guarantees for the customers. 

The creation of this brand is the result of a historic agreement between Italian and Spanish fashion jewellery and accessories manufaccturers (represented by Mibi Fabbriche Italiane and Sebime, respectively).

This project is the outcome of an agreement long sought after by the most important figures from the world of the European Fashion jewellery, that has finally come to fruition and that is open, as could not be otherwise, to the incorporation of all the European countries.

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